Generate complete views using simple AI prompts

Use AI to build high-fidelity UIs in an instant. Tempo's AI works on top of your existing code or generates new code following the standards in your codebase.

Polish & control design details visually

Visually edit any style and layout code so you can focus on writing business logic rather than CSS.

Bring your own design system or generate one from scratch

Import your react components and storybook or generate a custom library using MUI, Chakra, Radix, or Headless UI. 

Deal Tracking - Startech X Webflow Template

Pick from hundreds of components and templates.

Get started quickly with one of our templates. Use as is, customize visually, or modify with AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a low-code tool?

Tempo is more like an IDE than a low-code tool. It works with any react codebase so you're never constrained, it's easy to get started, and you don't get locked-in.

How do I get setup?

Login with Github, setup your react repo, and start building!

What is your pricing model?

Tempo is free for individuals and early stage startups with paid licenses available for enterprises.

Do you support vue, svelte, angular, or react-native?

We are focused on responsive react web apps at the moment but plan to add support for other frameworks in the future.

Use AI to build react apps 10X faster